Serviced accommodation Vs. Hotels – What’s Best For You?

It is important for contractors, tradespeople and builders to have accommodation close to their workplace. In the past, the only choice was a hotel room but now you have the improved option of booking serviced accommodation with Trade Stays.

Our serviced accommodation is fully furnished so you can book for long and short stays. However, there are some particular differences between hotel rooms and serviced accommodation. Let’s check how serviced accommodation is beneficial for contractors and tradespeople when compared to hotel rooms…

Ease of Access

Hotels are usually located in centralised and convenient areas of a city, like airports. While serviced accommodation can be located in and around any residential area. This makes serviced accommodation a good option for tradespeople to be close to the site.

Living Space

Hotel rooms are usually quite small, especially when they are in cramped cities. However, you can have spacious rooms, but they come at higher prices. On the other hand, our serviced accommodation are spacious with at least two or three bedrooms, offering you 30 to 50% more space than a typical hotel room.


You usually do not get kitchen space with the hotel room, and even if it does, it tends to be very small that is not equipped to have all the cooking essentials. On the other hand, serviced accommodation includes a kitchen. You can cook your own food and it can save your money you will have to spend on dining out.

Equipment & Furniture

Hotel rooms due to their limited size can offer you with little more than just a bed or bath, a wardrobe, dresser, small couch or desk. However, serviced accommodation can be fully furnished along with all the essential furniture you would need in a home to live with comfort so you can chill out and watch tv on the sofa in the evenings!

Cost Difference                  

Serviced accommodation is cheaper when compared to hotel rooms, particularly on long-term stays. On average, serviced apartment rates are 30-50% less than typical hotels.

What Trade Stays Offers

Trade Stays offers large and spacious living rooms along with dining rooms that are fully furnished and equipped, with kitchens that are frequently cleaned by our local maintenance teams. Feel free to get in touch with Trade Stays.

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