How To Find Affordable Contractors’ Accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation for your employees or team can be time-consuming and expensive if you are a business owner or a decision-maker.

4 Ways to Find Affordable Contractors’ Accommodation

We have worked with over 100 businesses in the construction industry, and we’ve found 4 simple techniques companies can use to reduce the amount of money spent on contractors’ accommodation and also save time searching for affordable stays.

Book accommodation in advance

Booking ahead of time allows you to take advantage of lower rates, special deals, and promotions. Unfortunately, 70% of our first-time customers are looking for last-minute stays. We want the best for our clients, so we keep in contact with them to ensure they can book as early as possible to reduce how much they spend.

Consider alternative locations

Choosing a less expensive area, such as a suburb rather than a city centre, can significantly reduce your accommodation cost. Getting accommodation close to site is our speciality. However, if prices need to be aligned with our client’s budget, we always offer alternative accommodations that are within budget. We have over 15,000 stays in the UK & Ireland so we can provide you with a home within a reasonable commuting distance to site.

Utilize home-sharing platforms

If you need cheap accommodation for a one-person team and want to save money by renting a room rather than an entire home, sites like Airbnb and VRBO can offer cost-effective options. Trade Stays is more cost-effective for teams of 2, but if you prefer a comfortable stay for a single person, we have multiple homes to choose from.

Take advantage of group discounts.

Accommodation providers sometimes offer special rates and discounts. With Trade Stays, whether you have a team of 2 or 300, we ensure that all our clients get the chance to save money with our special rates booking for stays with multiple guests.

By following these tips, contractors can keep their accommodation costs under control and focus on the task at hand. Whether on a short-term assignment or an extended stay, finding a cost-effective place to stay can make a big difference in your overall budget.

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