Client Focused Approach

During the lockdown, our client PPA ENERGO reached out to Trade Stays for a series of projects in Bedfordshire. It was for a team of 42 people, duration of 18 months, and required their accommodation to be close to the various sites across the county.

PPA ENERGO needed a flexible approach as the number of workers fluctuated up & down throughout the project, and they needed to keep their spending within a budget.

Also, their team was currently living in hotels, and the workers were unhappy, which impacted their team’s morale and work rate, and it was extremely costly to sleep their team across several hotels.

Within a couple of weeks, our team worked diligently to create a solution that housed their workers with comfortable & spacious living accommodations with significant savings.

In Numbers

In Money Saved
In Costs Reduced

*over the course of their 18-month project.