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We rely on our close relationships with agents to ensure a steady flow of the right kind of properties can be found in time to meet our end client’s needs.

When taking on new property we operate from a demand driven perspective, only sourcing new property when we have the demand to fill it, allowing us to make same day offers following viewings and saving your precious time.

We combine a mix of property purchases and long term leases to ensure flexibility within our portfolio. We work with both Estate Agents and Lettings Agents to supply our portfolio with a mix of acquisitions and leases.

Are you an agent interested in working with Trade Stays on the corporate let model or have a property for sale with potential to add value to it? Call today to discuss the benefits of becoming one of our agent partners allowing you to turnover more property deals in less time.

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    Why Work With Trade Stays?

    Multiple Deals

    • We only work with a select handful of agents and once working together complete multiple deals with these agents

    Focussed Search

    • We know exactly what we’re looking for and are able to articulate this clearly making your search more focussed.

    Quick Decisions

    • We know what we want and can therefore make quick decisions on your offerings. No more umming and ahhing from clients who cant make their mind up and waste your time.


    • Trade Stays are a reliable and consistent partner, maintaining our properties to a high standard and returning them to the owner at the end of a lease in the same or better condition than they were taken on.


    • Agents are treated as our sourcing partners, and as a result we offer admin fees to our agents when a deal is completed to a certain standard.

    Relationship Driven

    • We work closely with the agents we work with to ensure their position in the tenant sourcing is protected and any management agreements that they have with their landlord’s remain in place. The last thing we’d want to do is disrupt any existing business.

      Towns/Cities Your Branch Covers

      How did you hear about us?

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes, we have an RNLA approved company let agreement that is our go-to contract for renting properties from the agents we work with, however we also recognise that many agencies have their own company approved document that they prefer to use for renting to companies, so we are open to using your subject to checks.

      No. We will never interfere with any agreements you have with your landlords. If you have a management agreement for that property with the owner, you will continue to have that relationship when working with us. Our agents are partners helping us to identify the right properties and grow our business so it would be very counterproductive for us to bite the hand that feeds us.

      We primarily provide accommodation to people traveling for work and business. They will be guests and not stay long enough to qualify for a tenancy agreement making it very easy for us to evict them if they break the rules or don’t pay their rent. This will never be anyone’s primary home.

      Yes we do. Each property we rent to us we will be happy to pay your admin fees.

      We are going through a period of expansion and looking for multiple properties in the areas we operate. We are able to take on single units, portfolio deals and even full blocks, subject to standards.