Booking Referrals

Trade Stays generate bookings all over the UK and Ireland many of which are in areas we have in house properties or in areas we have no in house availability. In these instances we work with our referral network to pass the bookings on to other quality services accommodation providers.

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    Why Work With Trade Stays?


    Trading in the Serviced Accommodation sector since 2016 we have successfully delivered on hundreds of serviced apartment projects.


    Trade Stays have a clear model of business focussing on providing quality accommodation for our end user with highly experiences local teams to ensure the properties are cared for properly


    Trade Stays are used to the activities involved in smooth operation of premium quality accommodation and have teams in place to maintain each of our properties to a high standard

    Marketing and Sales Led

    Most SA Management companies will simple stick your properties on Airbnb and other publicly available portals and hope for the best. With Sales and Marketing leading everything we do at Trade Stays we invest our time and money into making sure your property is a success. If you win, we win!

    Have a look at what our clients say about us and our properties:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When you have registered your properties on our database, you will select the towns and cities you have properties in. When we have a booking requirement for one of the areas you have registered properties, you will receive a quote request by email. You should reply to this with your best available quote for that booking, and the top 5 quotes will receive personal requests from our team for photos of the property. We then present the options to our client and they choose which they would prefer to go for.

    Properties must meet minimum safety standards, meaning they must meet building regulations, have a CO and smoke alarm fitted and tested regularly, they must have fire blankets and/or extinguishers in the kitchens, and have clear fire exits marked. By submitting your property to our database you must certify that your property meets this requirement.

    No, if we are sending clients to you as your booking agent, the client is our client and you must not solicit future business from them effectively cutting us out of future bookings. Any supplier who breaches this condition is struck off our database.