Are serviced apartments more cost-effective than hotels for short-term workforce accommodation?

In general, serviced apartments can work out cheaper than hotels for small and large teams looking for short-term accommodation solutions.

Here are four reasons why serviced apartments are more cost-effective than hotels:


Serviced apartments offer more living space than a traditional hotel room, allowing you to spread out and enjoy a more comfortable stay. This can be especially important for contractors, nurses, professionals or families who stay for an extended period.

Kitchen facilities

Having access to a kitchen means you can prepare your meals, reducing the need to eat out at restaurants and saving you significant money throughout your stay.


Most serviced apartments include utilities such as car parking, electricity, irons, kettles, wifi and even Netflix. These utilities usually come with a premium price when staying in a hotel.

Cost per night

The cost per night for a serviced apartment is often lower than that of a hotel room of similar size and quality, especially if your team is willing to share rooms. On average, we save our clients an extra 35% on their accommodation costs with room shares.

Long-term stays

Many serviced apartment providers offer discounts for stays of a week or more, making them a more cost-effective option for contractors who need to be on location for an extended period.

In summary, serviced apartments offer more space, convenience, and cost savings than traditional hotel stays, making them a popular choice for contractors, health workers and professionals.

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