What To Look For In Trade Accommodation

Trade accommodation is often the best solution for many tradespeople. Instead of a full-time rental, serviced accommodation with Trade Stays saves you both money and hassle. At the same time, it makes very little sense to have a full-time rental apartment if you do not plan on an extended stay.

On the other end of the spectrum lies hotel stays. Compared to both serviced accommodation and full-time accommodation, hotels are more expensive. The cost of staying can become exorbitantly high depending on the place and demand. Unless it’s a very short stay, hotels are not viable for most people. Apart from the expense, hotels do not give you as much privacy and space as serviced accommodation.

For these reasons, many people prefer short-term trade accommodation over hotels and full-time rentals. If you are looking for a short-term business lease, these are the few things you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure it is located optimally. You would not want to travel far for work every day. Your travel expenses will cancel all the savings you make from staying in a short-term rental apartment. Ideally, it should also be close to all basic amenities like a supermarket, a clinic, parks, and more. If you have a hard time finding an apartment that ticks all the boxes, prioritise what matters the most to you. If you want the supermarket to be closest, choose a rental that meets that demand; likewise for your workplace, clinic, school, or whatever is most important for you.
  • Have a checklist of the basic amenities you need to stay in an apartment, albeit for a short time. Be it a fully equipped kitchen, a cable connection, fast wifi, or anything else that you deem necessary. Even when you are staying for a short time, you would need the basic amenities all the time. Do not compromise on them no matter what.
  • Make sure that the payment terms of the property suit your convenience. It is good to have a variety of payment options in case one fails. Some prefer to pay the amount in a lump sum, while others prefer paying in instalments. Talk to your host to find out whether you get the payment options you prefer.
  • Short-term serviced accommodation should be spacious. Ensure your accommodation has enough space to make living comfortable for the team. A living area with sofas and kitchen space with a dining table is essential after a hard days work which isn’t alway available with a hotel.

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