Planning a Hassle-Free Serviced Accommodation Stay

Organising travel for multiple team members can be stressful due to a vary of needs and limited availability with some accommodation providers. It can be difficult to get the right accommodation for all employees in the same area at a good price. Which is why a serviced accommodation could be the best option for you when planning a trip with your employees.

Easy business travel

Having all your employees in one place makes is much easier when researching into travel options. Serviced accommodation locations are easily accessible by car and public transport. So, whatever form of transport your employees decide to take to get to the accommodation we aim to meet all needs.

Easy business trip planning

When planning a business trip for multiple employees it makes it a whole lot easier having them all in one place. Arrangements can be easily made with employees for transport to and from the accommodation, which can help when keeping costs to a minimum.

Collaborative working on the move

The chances of employees needing to work together when travelling is high, which means accommodation options where employees can be staying together make collaborative work much easier. The open spaces in the accommodation make it much easier to work with each other than be crammed in one hotel room to get work done.

Why trade stays?

At Trade stays we provide contractors with hotel suit experiences at unbeatable prices all around the UK! Our extremely flexible accommodation offers properties for contractors to stay in which are serviced and maintained frequently, giving your team a comfortable and relaxing stay compared to a standard hotel.

Furthermore, all our trade accommodations are spacious with rooms to fit all needs giving you a tailored experience to fit within your budget. Our large living and dining rooms are all furnished and equipped giving the perfect environment after a long working day and team bonding.

Here are some key points to remember when booking with us:

  • Cut accommodation costs
  • Bespoke properties
  • Close to site
  • Superior team comfort
  • Great for team binding
  • Flexible pricing
  • Better than your standard hotel

If you have a business trip coming up then Trade Stay can help you. We have great packages to offer for all trip sizes. To find out more about our properties or for any enquires please contact us today to take the next steps in booking your hassle-free serviced accommodation stay.

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