Happiest Tradespeople in the UK

There is nothing more demoralising than hating your profession. According to a new study, tradespeople are substantially more likely to enjoy their work than the average Britain, with more than half saying they really enjoy it. Research shows that plumbers are the happiest workers in the United Kingdom.

Tradepeople in the UK

Despite working long hours and regular weekends, nearly three-quarters of tradespeople in the United Kingdom are satisfied with their jobs. According to the poll, which included responses from over 950 tradespeople, 72 % of respondents described themselves as ‘happy’ or very happy in their current position, with 70 % saying they would recommend their job or position to others.

This was despite the fact that nearly half of those polled worked more than 45 hours per week, and nearly one-third took fewer than two weeks of vacation per year.


It’s official: Plumbers are the happiest people on the planet. According to the findings of Boundless’ survey, plumbers were by far the happiest of all those surveyed, with an overwhelming majority expressing satisfaction with their jobs. 55% of plumbers stated that they were “extremely happy” in their lives, while not a single plumber stated that they were unhappy in their jobs.

Work wasn’t the only thing that was said to determine happiness. According to the report, plumbers also scored high in terms of sleep quality and physical exercise, with 64 % reporting that they routinely try out new things.


Despite the fact that plumbers dominated the table of contentedness, they weren’t the only tradespeople who felt this way. 38 % of builders said they were also “very happy” in life, which was the second-highest percentage.

Following a survey of 1,200 construction workers conducted by the One4all Spotlight Awards in 2017, the organisers discovered that a big majority of them said they “love” their jobs.

Factors that contribute to happiness:

The following are the top ten factors that have a significant impact on the happiness of tradespeople:

  • Work social events – 13%
  • The physical working environment – 15%
  • The workload – 24%
  • Salary or wages – 59%
  • Relationships with colleagues – 30%
  • Relationships with management – 22%
  • Training opportunities – 15%
  • Financially based bonuses – 20%
  • Training opportunities – 15%
  • Annual leave allocation – 13%
  • The nature of the work – 35%

How can companies keep their tradespeople happy?

Any tradesperson is well aware that running a successful trade business requires a significant amount of manpower. Once you’ve obtained your bodies, you’ll want to know how to motivate your team of tradespeople to be as productive as possible while also making them happy.

Reduce meetings to improve motivation at work

Boredom can put an end to all of your efforts to keep your employees happy and motivated. There are a lot of things that need to be done at work, but they aren’t always critical. The problem is that, by wasting time, employees forget their goals and end up losing motivation. The manager must therefore reduce the number and duration of meetings in order to satisfy and motivate his or her employees. The manager must be available whenever necessary in order to cut down on meetings.

Pay fairly to satisfy employees.

It is said that money does not buy happiness, yet it remains a powerful lever to improve motivation at work. Equal pay for equal work is critical to ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction and happiness.

Offer more vacation time.

Encourage your best workers by giving them more vacation time. By giving them extra vacations, you can keep them motivated and happy.

Always say ‘thank you.’

Employees rarely leave or become dissatisfied because of a lack of money. A common reason for them to become dissatisfied is the fact that they either dislike their boss or feel that they have stopped learning. To succeed, an organization’s culture and workplace environment must be positive.

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