Confidence high among tradespeople

The cost of living is becoming a crisis due to the rising prices we are seeing, but tradespeople are still confident in the demand for services.

A survey was recently taken, asking tradespeople where they see their workload in the coming months. Out of 1,570 tradespeople, 48% said their workload will increase, 45% expect it to remain the same, while only 7% see any slight fall coming.

As well as workload increases and decreases, two-thirds of the tradespeople in the survey said they are expected to see material purchasing prices increase over the coming months.

The increase in petrol and diesel costs has also changed the way tradespeople are operating, with 8 in 10 tradespeople saying they have had to alter the way they do business. This includes higher fuel costs to customers when they price projects, choosing to do work more locally, and requesting that materials and products are delivered to the job instead of being collected.

Furthermore, tradespeople are also using technology more to help combat the price increases by holding more virtual visits with clients instead of personally visiting them in person, where it may not be necessary. This has been a great way to stop using the pumps so often and save some extra pennies. 6% of tradespeople from the survey said that they have invested in more fuel-efficient cars, vans, or lorries to help with the crisis. 1 in 5 have said that they have not changed the way they are working in response to the fuel prices.

With fuel prices being a major concern for people, prices are also going up elsewhere which is affecting the cost of living. When travelling for business, it is becoming more expensive than in the past. Hotel prices creeping up is another crisis, especially for people who work on sites further from home more often.

Trade Stays Accommodation is the way, especially in these difficult times

Tradespeople who travel and need accommodation are looking for cheaper options to stay in. Trade Stays offer a great solution for this. Instead of having to fork out for numerous hotel rooms, why not all stay in the same accommodation/apartment to save some money. You get everything you need within your property that can be suited to all needs. Your tradespeople are together in the same place and will then be able to travel together to work.

If you are all going up to the same place together, why not research into hiring a minibus for everyone? Or arranging transportation to reduce fuel costs being used.

There are so many options to look at when finding your accommodation, so why not get in touch with us at Trade Stays to find out more and how we can be helpful to you.

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