How To Save On Your Team’s Accommodation

When traveling around the UK for work, arguably the biggest challenge you will face is sourcing accommodation for your team. While there is no shortage of hotels, B&Bs, and self-catering accommodation available, many of these options are not always suitable for workers spending long periods away. This is especially true if you have a large team and you need to source multiple rooms to accommodate several personnel.

Besides the long-winded process of actually searching for suitable accommodation, hotels are often expensive, particularly if you are booking many rooms. And while it is sometimes possible to reduce costs by having workers stay in a single room, the cramped environment is often unappealing. As is staring at the same four walls every day. When you factor in the lack of a garden and limited suitable communal areas in typical hotels and B&Bs, this approach becomes even less enticing.

In many cases, accommodation can be cramped, outdated, and many miles away from the project itself, meaning longer traveling distances and all the expense that goes with it. Rather than attempting to source hotel or B&B accommodation, managed ‘team housing’ provides more affordable and practical living arrangements when working away — and is often conveniently located near to the project as well.

Team housing gives your workers a fully kitted out house with everything you need to create your perfect home from home, including a well-equipped kitchen, furnished dining rooms, private bedrooms, and spacious communal areas. These properties are well-maintained and cleaned regularly to a high standard. The accommodation is superior to most hotels and provides greater space for each team member. It is also more likely to be positioned close to your project, shortening the time it takes to get to work. 

Having access to more spacious accommodation with private rooms, including multi-occupancy rooms, ensures a happier, more productive workforce. But the cost savings are equally as impressive. You actually save four times: on the night rate in comparison to hotel prices, on catering and eating out costs, on commuting time and expenses, and on the time you would have to spend ringing around finding the right living solution.

At Trade Stays, we provide spacious, comfortable contractor accommodation across the whole of the UK, giving you direct access to the best competitively priced team housing. With our serviced accommodation, you can improve the value of your contract with notable cost savings and benefit from a wide range of bespoke properties. No matter if your team is large or small, we can assist you. Visit our website and get in touch today to find out more about how we can source your perfect team housing property.

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