Finding Contractor Accommodation Near Me

Contractor accommodation is the most suitable way to accommodate your employees when travelling for business. This could be travelling for a meeting, relocating for new projects or business further afield which requires accommodation nearby while working.

You first thought may be to investigate into booking at a hotel through, Trivago and Expedia, but these hotels may not always be the best service when booking for a larger group of people, with the best price available.

Large chain hotels offer hundreds of locations across the UK, but contractor accommodation offer thousands, giving you a wider choice of accommodation to choose from. This makes your stay bespoke compared to a hotel. With contractor housing, you will find properties spread across small towns instead of just the larger cities. This makes travel easier for your employees when getting to a from work as their accommodation is a lot closer compared to a chain hotel.

One of the main advantages of contractor accommodation like Trade Stays is that you have a professional doing the work for you, allowing you to relax without having to deal with any problems. This is the best service you will get when working with an accommodation finder as you will build a relationship, which you will not get with a host from Airbnb.

Chain hotels will only offer rooms, which is what makes contractor accommodation different. The property layouts will be bespoke to your needs. The whole property is dealt with the provider, so any requests you may have will be a lot easier to accommodate for compared to your standard hotel.

Why Trade Stays for my contractor accommodation?

If getting the best possible price is your priority you are likely to find the best price through a contractor accommodation service such as Trade Stays than you can at a hotel.

With thousands of partners over the UK we can provide accommodations for teams of 2 up to 250 people, making your travelling solutions a whole lot easier. You can enquire with us and someone on the team will be in touch with your bespoke accommodations close to your site in as little as 24 hours. We can cater to the full range of requirements allowing your employees to call their trade stay property home. We will cut the costs and give you the best properties for you and your team.

So, if you are looking for your next bespoke stay, contact us today.

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