Property Policy

How will you ensure the security of our property information and images on your website?

No sensitive information will be published on our website. Only your property specification and area will be advertised on our website.

What happens after I complete my online registration?

We will review your application before approving your listing. To ensure approval, please provide us with high-quality images of your property. 

Please allow up to 14 days for approval.

Can you provide more details about how the customer enquiry process will work?

When a visitor sends an enquiry about your property via our website, a message will be sent to our support team. Our sales team will then call and vet the enquiry. If the enquiry is suitable, we will contact you via call or email to find out more about pricing and availability.

What are your fees or commission rates for bookings?

We do not charge our partners commission!

How often will you update our property information and images on your website?

If you would like to edit your property details, please send a message to

What kind of support will you provide us to manage bookings made through Trade Stays?

After you have provided us with your property details and images, we will need no further action from you. Our team will list and manage your property listing on our website. 

We will manage communication with the customer throughout the booking process. For example, if we have a live enquiry, a team member will contact you via phone or email to discuss the details of the customer’s requirements, pricing & availability. 

If the customer wants to proceed with the booking, we will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure you and the customer have a smooth booking experience. 

Can I remove my property and listing from your database? 

Yes, please email, and a member of our team will remove your listing.