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Welcome to the Trade Stays Agents Referral program, the best way for agencies to be able to generate an income from leads they receive that are less than 6 months and therefore unable to rent a property via the traditional AST route.

Trade Stays are a specialist in the serviced accommodation sector, with over 15,000 accommodation options available across the whole of the UK and Ireland. We provide fully furnished and equipped accommodation for anything from 4 nights upwards.

Our referral program aims to create partnerships with agencies and select targeted towns to offer the agency the opportunity to create an additional stream of income from leads that would otherwise be dead leads.

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    How Does It Work?

    You receive an enquiry and determine you’re not able to offer them accommodation due to their length of stay or requirements.

    You obtain their consent to be contacted by us

    You visit our referral page and simply submit their name, contact details and any details you have on their specification as well as your agency name and location.

    We receive the lead and contact them to arrange options

    When we successfully place the lead into one of our accommodation units, you receive a referral commission paid directly to the agency.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. Our team contact the lead and treat them as if they were a cold inbound lead of our own. The only difference being that they are tagged in our system as having come from you, so we know to pay a referral fee once the placement is made

    Once we have made a placement, we will request an invoice for any referrals you are due at the end of each month.

    We operate with transparency with the agents. Once you have made a referral, if you would like to check on the progress of it, you will have direct access to our team who can give you live updates on where we stand.

    No, you can refer as many people as you like.

    All of our properties are serviced apartments, that come fully furnished and equipped, and meet all regulatory safety requirements.

    Agencies receive a 10% commission on any placements made. That means that as the size of the lead grows, so does your agency’s potential earnings from it! Not bad, for passing on some details!

    In short, yes we are always looking for properties for sale that represent good value and have a lot of potential for us to add value to them. We also work with a variety of agencies to lease properties to offer to our clients as part of our in-house portfolio. For more information on how you can work with us on this as well click here.