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. Our property solutions are available for stays from 2 nights to 2 years and 2 employees to 200+ worker teams. Find the right stay in


for your team within your budget. Flexible payment, and all inclusive pricing and simply pay per person per night (pppn).

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      Serviced Apartments

      Our Workers provide Accommodation solutions for tradesmen, contractors, & various others who need stay in the UK and Ireland.

      Short and Long Term Stays

      Our Workers provide Accommodation solutions for tradesmen, contractors, & various others who need stay in the UK and Ireland.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Feel free to get in touch with Trade Stays and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

      How much notice do you need to book accommodation in Hounslow?
      Trade Stays can find you suitable accommodation with as little as 12 hours’ notice. If your inquiry is urgent, please contact us by telephone on (0)20 8115 4394, and we will be happy to assist.

      Where is your accommodation in Hounslow located?
      We have professional trade accommodation throughout Hounslow and work with partners to provide accommodation in or nearby to all major areas.

      How many contractors can you accommodate in Hounslow?
      Our accommodation solutions are highly flexible. We can accommodate a team of 2, or a team of 200. Call us to discuss your requirements.

      Do all apartments in Hounslow have Wi-Fi?
      Yes, of course! All our Trade Stays apartments in Hounslow have serviced Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

      Are there cooking facilities in the accommodation in Hounslow?
      Yes, all of our contractor accommodations in Hounslow come with a fully equipped kitchen with a cooker, microwave, and kettle. Crockery, such as plates, bowls, and mugs, as well as cutlery, are also included. For more information on exactly what each contractor’s accommodation in Hounslow includes, please contact us.

      Do the contractor accommodations in Hounslow offer parking?
      Each one of our contractor accommodations in Hounslow offers free parking spaces at the accommodation itself. Trade Stays can also help to secure nearby parking for extra vehicles if required.

      Do you offer an accommodation cleaning service?
      We provide a bi-monthly cleaning service for bookings over 2 weeks. A local professional cleaner will visit the accommodation and clean each room, including replacing towels and linens.

      How do we book contractor accommodation in Hounslow with Trade Stays?
      If you wish to book with us, you can call us on +44 (0)20 3743 8989, or you also have the option of our contact form.

      Do the corporate accommodations in Hounslow have laundry facilities?
      Each one of our corporate accommodations in Hounslow is equipped with both a washer and dryer, offering all contractors the avoided hassle of additional expenses at a laundrette.

      Are there any additional costs that we should know of?
      You will not be required to pay any additional expenses with us unless you request an additional service, such as another parking space; however, this will be organized beforehand. Overall, the price you pay after booking is inclusive of all of our facilities and cleaning services that we provide.

      Do you have a minimum booking?
      We request that you must book at least one apartment with us. However, overall there is no minimum time limit for your team’s stay. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this.

      What if I need to alter the number of accommodations during my booking?
      If you wish to change any part of your booking, just let us know, and we can rearrange your booking accordingly; we will then provide you with a final sum of any alterations.

      How long is the accommodation available for?
      We can accommodate your stay for a time period ranging from one night to 24 months, depending on your requirements. If you wish to stay for a lengthy period, please contact us, and we can work it out.

      What about the accommodation bills?
      After booking, all utilities, including gas, electricity, and water, are included, in addition to there being no cap on gas, electricity, water, TV, or internet usage. We will make you and your team as comfortable as possible.